The Case for the Virtual Classroom

From Mashable in January 2011:

Online education is often dismissed as a pipeline for expensive degrees of little value and a sponge for veterans’ tuition payments. But while it’s true that for-profit universities have made a hefty business out of e-learning, it’s becoming apparent that learning online can also benefit almost everyone else.

“It’s very clear that five years from now, on the web, for free…you will be able to find the greatest lectures in the world on the web,” Bill Gates recently predicted in an interview at Techonomy 2010.

  1. Online Education “Doesn’t Have to Suck”
  2. Universities Have Limited Physical Space
  3. Education Can Change the World
  4. Global Understanding Is More Important than Ever
  5. The Internet Empowers Self-Motivated Learners
  6. The Virtual Classroom Can Make the Physical Classroom More Effective



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