Passport to Learning

Note: this site is both a blog and a resource. The blog posts begin below this introductory post.

For us, the 23 Things Kansas program opened up a new way to look at learning online. Follow the Passport to Learning, and we’ll show you how you can board your favorite computing device and explore the wonders of “Virtual Learning: A World of Opportunity”. Cindi Hickey and Heather Braum will be your tour guides, flight attendants, and cruise directors. (The slides from our 2011 Computers in Libraries presentation are available are here.)

  1. Lifelong Livelong Learning
  2. It’s All About the Access
  3. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  4. The Fear Factor
  5. Lost in Translation
  6. Show Me the Money
    1. Watching examples
    2. Reading examples
    3. Listening examples
    4. Doing examples
  7. Through the Looking Glass
  8. The Travelers

[As always, thank you to the original 23 Things program, Learning 2.0, from PLCMC.]

Photo Credit: “Oh The Place’s You’ll Go 1” by Flickr user ForestForTrees under a CC license.


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