This site was developed as a resource for the “Virtual Learning: A World of Opportunity” presentation, given by Cindi Hickey (State Library of Kansas/WebJunction Kansas) and Heather Braum (Northeast Kansas Library System) at the 2010 NEKLS Tech Day event and the 2011 Computers in Libraries conference. Future presentations on this topic are forthcoming.

Slides from Computers in Libraries 2011 presentation:

Contact Us:

Cindi Hickey
State Library of Kansas
Director of Library Development
WebJunction Kansas Coordinator
chickey (at) kslib.info

Heather Braum
Northeast Kansas Library System
Technology Librarian
hbraum (at) nekls.org
Writes at the NEKLS website and at Librarian in the Cloud (personal blog)

Site Header Photo credits:

  1. Kodak Film Strip“by Trekkie313
  2. Blue Sky on Rails” by Flickr User ecstaticist under a CC license.
  3. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! 1” by Flickr User ForestForTrees under a CC license.
  4. Travelers” by Flickr User m.toyama under a CC license.
  5. Everyday Transliteracy” YouTube Video by StrangeDichotomy

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