Listening examples

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Learn by listening: Lend your ears to some of these online learning opportunities. We’re including samples of everything from webinars to podcasts & more. Follow these links and you might find some things you can listen to and learn something new.

  1. Audiobooks, Music & More (including eBooks) – The Kansas statewide audiobook collection of nonfiction and fiction books for your listening learning.
  2. TEDTalk Videos – TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, originally from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design but now the TED Talks span a world of ideas.
  3. Everyday Ethics for Libraries – a statewide webinar series provided the Kansas Regional Library Systems and the State Library of Kansas, including a video overview of library ethics by Pat Wagner.
  4. InfoPeople Podcasts – George (Needham) & Joan (Frye Williams), Thinking Out Loud and Michael Cart Reviews. A little bit of everything for the library world. (Hint: InfoPeople does webinars, too.)
  5. OPAL Podcasts – Podcast audiorecordings of OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries–and All Library Users) programming, including book discussions, interviews, training, current events programs, and more.

Photo Credit: “Play” by Flickr user pamhule under a CC license.

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