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Learn by reading: Traditional learning is based in reading. Now we offer you an old favorite with a twist as we point you to online learning resources you can make the most of by reading. So settle in and get ready to read yourself smart! We know you will be learning lots of new things if you just dive in.

  1. I Have Conference Envy, But Technology Keeps Me Connected – from Adventures in a High School Library, a 23 Things Kansas blog. Read this post to find out how you can take in a library conference without leaving home. (You’ll be surprised.)
  2. Webinars – a posting on Mattinas’s Blog, a reflection on webinars, YouTube and iTunes U from a personal and professional view found on a 23 Things Kansas blog.
  3. Creating a Librarian’s Info-Portal with Netvibes and RSS – written instructions by Michael Stephens found at Social Download, a 23 Things Kansas blog by Gwen Lehman.
  4. The ‘M’ Word – Marketing Libraries – a blog by Kathy Dempsey. Marketing tips and trends for libraries and nonprofits.
  5. ABLE and SABLE projects from Idaho – ABLE (Alternative Basic Library Education) offers courses/tutorials on collection development, technical services and public services. SABLE (Supplemental Alternative Basic Library Education) adds courses/tutorials on early childhood services, services to school aged children, young adult services, cataloging music sound recordings and interlibrary loan. All are self-paced and free.
  6. Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki – a one-stop shop for great ideas and information for all types of librarians.

Photo credit: “So nymphs do read” by Flickr User backpackphotography under a CC license.

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