Watching examples

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Learn by watching: Open your eyes to a world of learning opportunity online. As you go through these examples lists, you will notice many of our suggestions cross the learning styles we described. That’s all right because you probably do, too. So follow our lead and check out some of these offerings you can watch to learn.

  1. Book Trailers for All – A Facebook page that will be your personal Readers’ Advisory.
  2. How to play Acoustic Guitar Lesson basic finger picking – A do-it-yourself video. All you need is a guitar. (OK – we know you will be watching and doing.)
  3. CE Roundup – from SLK News, a monthly listing of upcoming webinars, online conferences and other online events for librarians and trustees.
  4. Copyright law explained by Disney characters – Found this one on Read-it!, a 23 Things Kansas blog.
  5. Training for Librarians on Working with Special Needs Patrons and When Bad Things Happen to Good Librarians (Crisis training) – 2 CETV (Missouri) videos found on YouTube. For more information see
  6. No Cookies in the Library – Adventures in library customer service with Sesame Street.
  7. ALA YouTube Channel on YouTube – You can watch ALA’s Midwinter and Annual Conferences through a variety of interviews and presentations preserved in video.

Photo Credit: “Demo” by Flickr user Thomas Hawk under a CC license.

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